Surf-Wake-Skate DTS

School Dates

June 16th – Nov 1st 2019

School Dates

Lecture fee : $4600 +
outreach and airfare

Use your passion for board sports for God!

Encounter God and go deeper with Him than ever before while shredding the iconic Aussie point breaks,
carving up epic wake and lighting up skate parks everywhere! And the best part is we do it all in the name of
Jesus learning to use our passions and desires to further God’s Kingdom!
This DTS will use board sports as a way of sharing the love of God. That means connecting with locals while
participating in board sports, learning how to arrange and lead activities, coaching and leading development.
Surfing, skating, and wake boarding will be used as a tool to connect with communities and people during
You don’t have to be a great surfer, skater or rider of any kind to join this DTS. If you enjoy board sports, want
to learn, or just love the culture – this DTS is for you.

Lecture Phase

Spend the first 12 weeks living with friends in a discipleship community located just a stones throw from the beach.

Make new friends and learn about God together with young people from all over the world who are also passionately seeking God’s heart.

Each DTS comes together for lecture times to hear guest speakers from dynamic ministries sharing awesome truths.

Topics include: Hearing God’s voice, The Father Heart of God, Relationships, Spiritual Warfare, and World Missions.

As part of the normal DTS schedule, there are DTS specific times in which to learn and engage in your core
interest. This will include input from missionaries who also share the same core interest and are using it to
legitimise their presence in the community and reach others for Jesus. There will also be times for other activities, intercession, worship and community outreach.


After the lecture phase, you will put what you have learned into practice on an 8 week cross-cultural outreach.

This is where the real adventure begins!

Your DTS will travel to strategic far-out locations – hacking through the jungle, trekking through deserts, climbing mountains, or surfing epic waves to reach unreached peoples, plant churches, and bring hope through development projects that will transform a community and open the way for the gospel.