Challenging the status quo
by releasing transformational leaders

Our purpose is to raise up and release young leaders who will bring kingdom transformation.

We are not focused on programs, but about releasing dreams – your dreams. We believe that our generation is full of
gifting, ability, calling, and the potential to impact the world and our generation like none other.

We want to release you into your vision.

We are values driven…not rules orientated

We believe in our people, and we trust them.

We trust that God has called them and they want to live for Him.

When you have a committed community of people who want to to the right thing,
you don’t need a lot of rules, or policies and procedures.

You just need to make it as easy as possible for them to get going!

So we orientate ourselves around 6 core values that shape us and guide us.

We believe that values assume the best in people, inspire and encourage.

Our Core Values

KNOW GOD – Our relationship with Jesus is more important than what we can do for him. We want to spend time hanging out with him, falling more in love with him.

VISIONARY – we are committed to continually receiving, nurturing, and releasing fresh vision, new ministries and youth mission.

FUN – Missions is the most exciting thing you will ever do in your life, and we are privileged to live in such a fantastic location – we want to
enjoy the ride!

MAKE GOD KNOWN – Our ultimate desire is to see God transform lives, societies, nations, and generations globally.

COMMUNITAS – We want to have an environment for growth, support, and accountability to prepare youth for mission.

HOLINESS – We are committed to living holy and righteous lives, to consider the needs of others, and live above reproach.

We do life together…and love it!!

Our YWAM Family

We have some of the most amazing people in our YWAM community. We love working and playing together. There is
room for you… wanna join us?

If you want to hear more about life as a YWAM Sunshine Coast staff, read our Staff 101. You can apply
online via our Staff Application Form.

Mission Building

Got a few weeks and want to experience Oz and serve God? Why not consider Mission Building?

For more information contact us.

Like no place else

The Sunshine Coast

Where in the world can you do a DTS and live in a tropical beach style hostel just a 2km walk from a pumping surf

Yep, we mean you will live in a normal house, with comfortable living areas, patios and hammocks to relax on,
and heck even a POOL!

Sunny Coast has some of Queenslands most beautiful beaches. All this, and some fantastic
independent coffee shops!

Yeah, it’s pretty sweet.

Average sunshine daily is seven hours (one of the highest ratings in the world).

Summer temps (December to February) are about 28-30 degrees celsius, with the highs normally tempered by cooling
sea breezes.Winter (June to August) ranges around 17-28 degrees celsius, and is usually mild and sunny. So as you
can see the weather is near perfect year round.

The sea temperatures range from 26 degrees celsius in summer to 20 degrees celsius in winter so all year round
swimming and surfing is no problem.

The Sunshine Coast is located about an hours drive north of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia.