Around the World DTS

School Dates

June 16th – Nov 29th 2019

School Costs

Lecture fee : $4600 +
outreach and airfare

Travel the World

and be spoilt for the ordinary

Grow with God and discover your purpose as you travel the world. Hacking through the jungle, trekking through
deserts, climbing mountains, or sitting on a roof top overlooking a bustling city as the sun sets in the distance…
this is God like you have never experienced before.

The Around the World (ATW) DTS is a ruggedly mobile experience, in which you will learn and develop your faith while
travelling through nations and continents. Make deep friendships and experience what God is doing together.

Get ready for the greatest adventure of your life!

The Around the World DTS makes the nations your classroom. It is more demanding than a regular DTS so be prepared, but
the challenge will be the greatest adventure of your life!


Make the Nations your Classroom!

The experience starts in Australia, here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast. Then you are off to the next nation or
continent, to get to the front lines of what God is doing in the nations – experiencing missions up close and personal.

The ATW DTS spends 2-4 weeks in each nation before moving to the next.

Each nation provides new insight into culture and faith, and is an opportunity to experience the move of God in those
nations. You will have opportunity to live, learn, and practice your faith on location as you experience new cultures.

Example Itinerary: Australia; China; Cambodia; India; North Africa; Europe